November 19, 2008

  • Evil Evil Guilt – a ranting blog….

    I called in sick today and I am not REALLY sick. Just a little sick. Achey and tired and cranky and achey some more. I have not had a day off in at least three weeks and probably more. I also know that I would be cut no slack for showing up and dragging today.

    I don’t mean to do this but I just do not like this grocery store gig. I know I am suppose to be grateful, I am trying to be grateful. There is no work. I get it. The guilt and frustration are palpable. I swear.

    This deli deal is just too ridiculous. I have co-workers that are so nice but I also have co-workers that are very territorial. It is a deli, not your bedroom.

    I serve so many lovely people, I see tons of people that I know. But then there are those people that treat their sandwhich or sliced deli meat order as thought it is the royal jewels. Oh my dog.

    This is really hard, on your feet, runnning around, reaching, lifting nonstop from the moment you get there work. I don’t mind that. But this below the surface stress of three thousand new ways of doing things and all this guest satisfaction rules and regulations that really only strictly apply to the new people is getting to me.

    Calling in sick today may have been a really bad move but I can barely move. They scheduled me for six days in a row. So, I actually worked five days. My two days off are filled with house cleaning jobs.

    I am so frustrated. I never call in sick but I cannot deal with being pushed around over sliced turkey and tomatoes. It is ridiculous. Again, I love hard work and I love working with the public. It is the corporate demands and fears that creep in and I do not work within those concepts. I do the job at hand and I help whomever I can. The rest makes my stomach ache.

    Look, there is the room renter, there is Damian, and oh, there is the guy who was the sandwich devil…

    Well, that is my blog of horror. I hope I can relax on my fake sick day. I am also going to be able to drive up to see my mom for her birthday dinner tonite. I could not make it before because of my schedule. And now I wonder if I will get fired for this. I have not been there a full month, calling in sick is pretty lame.

    How may I help you?

    Life is so frustrating right now. I do not like the room renter kid but I need the money. I have worked hard all of my life and now I am making sandwiches and being pushed around by a bunch of corporate culture minnions for eleven bucks an hour and I cannot afford to stop. Ack. I hate everything. Well, I don’t really. But I do right now. Ack.

    My daughter sent me a postcard and we spoke on the phone. That was really really nice. And I stopped by the gallery and begged for my job back.

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  • geez i hope your life takes a turn upward … make it happen! make it happen!

  • Sorry things aren’t going so well at the deli. I really had no idea what a stressful job that must be. ryc, I can’t give the address of my old house for the sake of the new owner’s privacy but it’s a 1950′s style Ranch house in East Davis. (not far from the Davis Cemetery) Thanks for the thought though. If you’re ever in the Tibet Nepal store say “hello” to the guy who works there. (from the guy who moved to Texas)  

  • Ohh honey I know how hard you are trying.  I hope everything works out for you!

  • You are allowed to take a sick day and they won’t fire you for the first one.  Its only when you call in every other day they get bent

    Relax and Breathe………….

  • life sucks when you hate your job

    I’m taking a sickie next Tuesday…to make christmas puddings ..the fruit is soakng in brandy as of last night…and it takes 6 hours to boil them

  • If you’re that miserable then leave. It’s not worth it if you don’t feel it’s the place for you. I believe that you need employment with an atmosphere that is  much more free and open to creativity. That will be hard to find.

    How about a daycare gig? or
    UPS. THEY pay benefits even for part time employees…check their website and see if they’re hiring. Driving the truck or riding in the truck and taking the deliveries to the houses, etc., or working in the warehouse or branch. Just a thought.
    Work at a church office?
    Learn dog grooming…maybe there’s a place with OTJ training.
    Maybe you can check out the Civil Service exams being giving in your city and get a app. and work for the city in clerical or the school system there.
    How about a bank? With your experience with Mortgages, you might be able to work for one of the biggies that’s not looking for a bailout.
    Here’s one. Are you creative in the decorating arena? What about decorating client’s homes for all the holidays? You must know some mucky mucks who would hire you and then tell their friends.
    My sister (the shit) did that several years ago. She found great decorations at a place for great prices..beautiful things…and decorated her client’s homes inside for holidays. She made some pretty descent bucks.
    hhmmmm…how about bar tending? Take a class while you’re suffering through this shit and then get a gig at a bar …cause they do really well, especially when times are tough. Stats show that through the years, when people have little money, they gravitate toward movies and entertainment and bars..makes sense I guess.
    That’s all I got right now sistah!!!!

  • I’m sorry ur under such stress but I hope you are able to rest and take care of yourself. I’m sure you needed it.  I wish you could get a cashier position and get into the union.

  • Sorry you’re stressed out… and that gig isn’t something that’s good for you.  (I know it wouldn’t be good for me!)  Piqued suggested UPS… I agree, if you have one near you.  I actually suggested that to another Xangan just the other day.  They pay well, even part time. 

    I don’t know what to suggest, other than to not stay there if you can find a way to get back to the gallery or find something different.  At our age, it’s just not worth it to work somewhere that causes us stress & irritation.  That kinda turmoil is for the young folks! 


  • oh, sweet California sunshine, i feel your pain… i know what it’s like to hate your job… i’ve read all the crap you have to do, and i tip my hat to you; i couldn’t do it.   i’m praying the gallery will re-hire you… or that the perfect job will come your way very soon.  xoxoxoxoxox

  • awww,,, because I’ve been a horrid Xanga Pal I am not sure why you are no longer working for the gallery. That to Deli Crew seems really unbearable … … but since I’ve pretty much hated my job for a quarter century now I’ll leave with an empathic HUG.

  • well sweetie I am positive that if your a good worker the place will live without firing you over a sick day . *hugs* I think you deserve the time off… and as for corporate junk in the deli .. that just cracks me up … do you have a favorite hair net too ? *lol* Sorry … my friends hub works in the deli at walmart and gets caught up in all that drama … is horrible too . You just get some rest and enjoy your mother and know that we all love you here and hope that a job finds you soon that is right up your alley

  • I ran my own food service business a few years back and although I was the boss I was totally involved in the day to day running of the place – from preparing food, washing up to serving customers. I know how tiring this work is and you are justified in taking a day off sick if you need it. Sick days shouldn’t be just for when you ARE sick but should be about when you feel a day off may PREVENT you from being sick!

    I really hope you don’t get any hassle for taking a day off but equally I hope you find something a bit more deserving of the skills and qualities you can bring to it. If it helps I am sending you good intentions. :)

  • Stop beating yourself up hon.  You needed a mental health day.  That is legitimate in my book.  I hope you were able to recharge and face that insane work schedule. That does sound exhausting… Definitely not a desk job. Feel better….!

  • Sweetheart. I hope you enjoyed your ‘sick’ day – and work stress is just as debilitating as the flu so NO GUILT! Ya know I’m in automobiles so I may be right there with you shortly. Save me a job at the deli and we’ll try to make each other laugh.

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